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What we provide:                   


We offer a hub where we provide educational resources on all areas of STEM, starting with physics.

We also offer written articles that embrace spirituality and other metaphysical ideas which simultaneously compliment the spirit of understanding ideas through rationalism and the scientific method (see “Specific objectives we offer” for more detail).   These resources serve as a foundation for anyone with the ambition to educate themselves in S.T.E.A.M.S (science, technology, engineering, art, math, and spirituality)  while embracing the civic virtues needed to use technology responsibly.

Traditional/Holistic Science Education with arts

We take an approach to science education that does not ignore the intrinsic truths that celebrates how art and science has connection in the real world.  Therefore, along with traditional tools for improving your education in science, we are proud to provide content that celebrates artistic creativity through comic media and videos.

Currently, we are showcasing a series of physics comic books you can use for free to enhance your understanding of classical physics!

'Holistic Themes in nature' education

 We are also proud to provide resources that celebrate themes in nature which tie in to finding mysteries about the human condition.  Currently, we are showcasing a groundbreaking new approach to conceptually learning physics, but physics education tied with spiritual health and wellness!   This series of lectures that directs physics/science education to go hand in hand with civics and morality.  Learn the fundamental conceptual principles of classical physics and some of the fundamentals for understanding quantum physics while seeing how spirituality can coexist with these themes!

Team Earth  Newsletter:  Meditations of the day... 

Thought provoking.  Educational, debatable and sometimes controversial.  Ideal states to strive for in nature can not be done without introspective self awareness and civilized discussion of uncomfortable topics.


Coming soon!​

We are all one…


We can’t trust the opinions of people solely based on an emotional charge we get no more than we can trust our own physical cravings sometimes.  But we can trust that the best way to describe reality are based on the foundations of blending in science and healthy spiritual practices as well, which we call civic virtues.  Why do we say this?  Because the foundations for approaching all medical health and wellness are based on rationalism and the scientific method, and healthy spiritual values as well.  As you’ll see through our archives, we seek to continue to demonstrate that there is a tie between these two fields of practice, and our greatest solution we have to move on to the future as a human race is to have a healthy education in S.T.E.A.M.S. seeks to encourage, inspire, and educate people in these matters with our free educational tools and our services.

Coming soon: Test your skills!​


Online physics  homework and practice test simulator !


Online  physics standardized test generator!

Our goal is to continue to provide free online resources in fields of S.T.E.A.M., and we strive to create a community of contributors that help educating people how to improve their problem solving skills through rationalism and the scientific method, while still celebrating the artistic side to life, and embracing the values of practicing compassion and striving for harmony in everything, so please contact us if you have any ideas to contribute!





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