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About us:

We want to help people become more self-aware of the ties between science and spirituality.   No matter how powerful we become through technology, we will never be able to live in a loving world without practicing virtue.   We feel that by celebrating education in both science and metaphysics, we will help each other discover and co-create  a reality of heaven on earth: I.e. a place of love.   

Team Earth EDU is also a hub that provides resources on science and technology that may prove useful to any student that wants to learn about these subjects, and we do this through creative and nontraditional pedagogy: incorporating art in science education.   Click here to read more


“Tying the metaphysics in physics”  


The original intent of the scientific method was built by philosophers taking cues as to what the universe was physically trying to tell us.  Therefore, we strongly believe that science and spirituality don’t have to be at odds with each other!  We feel practitioners from both sides have things to teach the other in terms of content and how to think.  Team Earth Edu bridges science and spirituality together by discussing the latest articles in quantum theory, neuroscience, and sharing personal stories. We hope to provide an academic science education through art and media, while providing an open forum to exchange ideas, thoughts, and diverse stories.



Our guiding principle:


Why did we start?  Because more than ever now, we live in confusing times!  Many of us have a hard time discerning reality because of the information overload and media biases that abound.   Every sensationalized news feed clouds us further in confusion.  Our organization wishes to provide balance to this, by harmonizing spiritual growth with scientific and technological expansion; for we believe in the spiritual purpose of each individual and the power of love and consciousness in developing our societies. Let us uplift one another on every level: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically

Our Guiding Principle
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