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Daily Practice: Positive (Re)charge​

Meditation, prayer, and contemplation.

Spiritual practice prepares us for each day by renewing our energy and realigning us within our hearts.

Prayer purifies our energy so when we share with others, our vibrations and power find their source in Love.

We have shared a format of spiritual practice that resonate with our hearts, using words and constructs that might not resonate with you individually. If that is the case we encourage you to replace our terms with your own. Spiritual Practice is a personal practice; a place within where we can communicate with our deepest selves and with the Energy that encompasses everything. 


We use language to try our best at express ourselves, so use whatever wording works best for you in prayer. Words are just symbols, it is more important to feel in your heart what you are praying than using the right words. Yet, words are powerful and we want to feel safe in the words we choose. The ability to articulate ourselves allows us to understand the meaning behind feelings and thoughts more wholly. As we go through these various prayers and meditations, I will use the structure and wording that has felt best for me, and keeps me consistent. The structure allows me to flow easily from prayer to prayer each day; while, leaving room for novel insights to be incorporated. Trust your voice, take a deep breathe, let the mind calm as if a breeze has just passed, then let your heart speak: "I humbly prayer for co-creativity," or whatever comes up for you. If nothing spontaneously enters your mind, that is okay, just get started with something that resonates with you in that moment.









open to receive Heavenly vibration, power, and strength.

This prayer aids me in approaching each moment with a vibe of love and caring, protecting me from acting out on minor irritations or disappointments. When I forget to pray for these qualities I trip into negativity, and am much more prone to acting rashly especially in situations that demand patience.









I humbly pray to be the full embodiment Love.








Please let my heart be open , light, warm, soft, and healing towards all, including  myself.


I humbly ask to open, surrender , submit, and yield to receive heavenly divine purification , healing, and innocence.
















Contemplation and viisualization of  rainbow body light and love.

Color meditation can serve as a beneficial tool in applying therapeutic mechanisms to ourselves. Focusing on a certain color and visualizing a stream or rain flow of that hue wash through your being from the crown of your head to the ends our fingers and toes soothes and cleanses the system.


Purple is a color of healing, I focus on it when I want to renew my heart in love and comfort. The rainbow body practice derives from Buddhism, this practice involves dissolving into the Light of the universe, emptying of all blocks and darkness so that only radiant rainbow light remains, a process, that with daily practice strengthens and advances.  











Let healing love cure the incurable within myself and others

Addressing the obstinate patterns and habits, dis-ease and illness within our lives with love is the first move towards healing. Sometimes we unknowingly hold on to unhealthy ways of interacting and behaving, which interfere with our growth as spiritual beings for we are not able to move past old wounds nor seek new depths. Asking for the "incurable" to be removed opens us to the power of healing love by extinguishing those aspects of ourselves that make us believe we are unable or unworthy of being healed. 

              Everyday offers us a new opportunity to develop into our authentic selves as manifestations of love. Spending a few moments to ask for a healing heart clears any blocks that may be inhibiting the free flow of love. An open heart allows us to face each encounter with non-judgement, and a soft warm heart imbues each moment with comforting radiance like a hearth’s fire.

With practice, simple words can become powerful instruments of change. But mere strings of syllables do not instigate these shifts; rather, it is the feeling of the heart and willingness of the individual to trust and practice, to converse with Heaven, that co-creates the power of prayer.

Asking to open, surrender, submit, and yield to receive Heavenly qualities aids one in becoming unblocked to the full integration of the qualities we are seeking to exemplify.

 Purifying and healing so that we may return to innocence, resets our internal and external priorities shifting us into alignment with Heavenly will.

i humbly pray to listen with my heart

Through listening with our hearts we are able to approach each moment from a heart-centered place, listening with compassion and loving -kindness; rather than rash judgements, or fears.

People often ask me, "but whom am I praying to?" This is a question that is answered through
spiritual practice and process. 
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