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C.X. Rhodes
Education:  Masters in  Physics STEM Education from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester Massachusetts;  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Affiliates:  JD Physics,
Jack Dogg Comics, and affiliate author with design of Jack Dogg's Compendium Guide To Forces in the Universe 
  For seven years, I have been deeply interested in trying to make sense of
nature at a deeper level than by just traditional means that comes from science education.  
  It is unfortunate that so many holistic remedies of health and wellness have been considered crackpot just because they do not have the  formulaic  proof that something like classical mechanics has, but make no mistake about it: I'm starting to appreciate that without spirituality, there is little depth in living. Seeing the benefits that both disciplines of science and spirituality bring, I want to continue learning and sharing this  education of life  where two realities are bridged together.  
'Eit'  O. Rhodes
Education:  Blog Contributor
Being a contributor of this website is an exercise to tap into every strand of myself that makes me strive to be complete.  Live hard, play hard... I used to believe that, but I feel no one teaches you the boundaries that keep you from reeling from those emotional hangovers.  After years of struggling whatever addictions brought on by bad habits, I've started to learn how to let go of all the dark stuff that makes me a complacent human; I would rather tap into those things in life that truly allow me to feel complete rather than feel like a slave to my bad habits.
 Contributing to the positive behind what we're trying to do here is part of my quest to continue learning how to be spiritually uplifted and remain there.
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