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"If you could live in an ideal world... what would you be doing right now?"

Schools don't teach you metaphysics. They're not allowed to --- whatever practical values (and I'm not talking trying to prove or disprove a deity, but virtues that are being mastered) that any religion might offer, they are cut down because we are afraid that a school may start to impose one particular religious doctrine on everyone else. As a result of living in our fears, no one benefits with a deeper understanding of the other essential variables that really matter to sustain a Utopian society: true respect towards one another and an understanding of the importance of values. If that wasn't un-ideal enough, it turns out that our schools teach the only thing that can help us make sense of reality -- anything science education -- usually the wrong way. We usually study anything science related, whether it's physics, medicine, biology, engineering, psychology and other social sciences, in a way that is geared for the sole purpose to pass a standardized test. The result? Few people are able to retain anything valuable -- anything useful – from that experience. And yet, like lab rats spinning inside of the same wheel over and over, nothing ever seems to change in our approach for education. Who suffers? We all do.

If we cut all avenues for understanding reality at the kneecaps, is it so surprising that we live in such confusing times? If public education about understanding life is broken like this how can we resolve these issues so that we finally start to understand what reality is all about?

I would say, daily, despite all the hardships and confusion we see all around for many of us, our best technique for overcoming odds is that we should strive to live each day as IF we were living in an ideal world. That is to say, imagine if you lived in an ideal world; an ideal world where your ideal 'you' existed, complete with work ethic, hope, energy, wisdom, and an understanding of everything that was just second nature inside of you, what would you be doing TODAY?

When I say 'ideal world', I don't just mean a superficially beautiful looking world either. For many of us, we already have that, and the truth is, the dark undertones in our lives that we can't seem to extrapolate despite our comfy lifestyles makes these dark undertones even more maddening. So when I say 'ideal world', I'm also not just talking about a world where crime and poverty was minimized, but more importantly, the more subtle things were also eradicated that bring about these maladies: our own idiosyncrasies that work against us: laziness, despair, indifference due to our despairs, CONFUSION, frustration, etc... It's amazing how we don't train ourselves passionately enough as a collective society to try to really minimize these issues from the root of where these problems are stemming from. It makes you wonder why we don’t do this, seeing how our entire existence seems to revolve around building technology, that (in theory) is meant to make our lives better.

I believe that if we really want to chase this true 'ideal world', we're naive to think it will happen solely with continued improvements in technology. I think in order to do this though, we as a species need to do an 'about turn' and ponder some serious notions. For one thing, many of us have no idea how physical reality really functions. If we did, we may be able to see pitfalls way ahead before they happen. We may be able to practice preventive healthcare with more ease, become less sick, and finally understand how the chemistry from the foods we put in our bodies affects us. We would also finally understand how currency works, and how it's not just limited to money. We would value other currencies just as precious: friends, family, time, abilities, health and education, and self-awareness.

Outside of civilization, there is a true reality based on the laws of physics, biology, and existential virtue that could give us clues as to how to reach a legitimate Utopian existence in our daily lives. Once we understand what 'true reality' is versus the human construct that we are living in in society (brought on by cultural mores gone dysfunctional) we could finally start to materialize a dream life for all of us. But we need to educate ourselves on what's available and what's dysfunctional. That, essentially is what this blog is all about.

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