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We are the narrators of our own stories; every moment provides a new sentence in our personal narratives. Do we record an event as traumatic or as a an opportunity for new growth and wisdom? Whether it be an unsatisfactory grade or a criticism from a friend, maybe someone else got the job, whatever the case; various events occur that may appear negative on the surface because it wasn’t in line with our predictions and hopes for ourselves. But who is to say what is good or bad? We are. Even neurologically we have the power to manipulate our brain responses and encode a situation as ultimately positive or negative. Depending on which neural circuits reign over our brain, we subjectively experi

Making our WAY

Throughout recorded history, spirituality has been coupled with religion: Religion as an institution, with ceremonies and in-group/out-group mentalities. In many ways the practices of religious traditions have forsaken spirituality, just look around, everywhere we see intolerance of difference. Spirituality can fuel the rituals of religion, or institutionalized religion can suck the spirituality from these practice; Religion without spirituality is like hydrogen without oxygen: no water emerges, thus one’s thirst is not quenched. Religious institutions pit themselves as adversaries to the other, each claiming superiority over the other, claiming insight into ultimate reality, but being unabl

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