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What despair does to your human body (part 2): Spiritual Fuel

’ In times of uncertainty, and whereas you feel you've done all you can, maybe you're feeling as despairing as I've been feeling: where life just feels like a limbo -- it doesn't seem to get any better and really, you've been doing the best you can to live a life that compliments what you feel would give you a sense of purpose. If things aren't working work, and the overall picture of life doesn't seem to look like it's getting any better -- I mean, look around; all the negativity between people over ideologies just seems to never get resolved. Maybe the landscapes around you themselves are draining you of feeling any sense of inspiration. If you've been feeling this way too lately, ma

Would you rather understand reality, or live a lie?

Why I love what rationalistic thinking does for me: Just as the title suggests, I guess for my part, I would I rather understand reality than live a lie. For some reason, every time the world seems so -- insane to me, I think about this idea: “At least for me pain is obvious. If I can identify it, I can fight it. But confusion is more subtle, it’s torture in the mind. For me, it’s a concept worse than literal pain.” -The Sixth The thing is, it seems that nearly every day that goes by feels like a sinusoidal curve: It’s always something: as long as I let myself be at the mercy of whatever powers greater than I decide to help or screw me over that day. Some circumstances are obvious an

What despair does to the physical body...

I was curious the other day. In my own personal life, I’ve started to actually see the drawbacks of what physical stress and despair was doing to my health. Indifference, and apathy towards my life, and a feeling of being personally convinced that in this doomed world I have no power to fight getting dragged down by it. As someone who has trained many clients in physical fitness and wellness, I knew all along that thinking positive couldn’t be anything but beneficial to the physical body. No different than when feelings of elation produces endorphins and intense exercise releases chemicals similar to anti anxiety medications that induce your neurochemistry back to a more homeostatic sta

"If you could live in an ideal world... what would you be doing right now?"

Schools don't teach you metaphysics. They're not allowed to --- whatever practical values (and I'm not talking trying to prove or disprove a deity, but virtues that are being mastered) that any religion might offer, they are cut down because we are afraid that a school may start to impose one particular religious doctrine on everyone else. As a result of living in our fears, no one benefits with a deeper understanding of the other essential variables that really matter to sustain a Utopian society: true respect towards one another and an understanding of the importance of values. If that wasn't un-ideal enough, it turns out that our schools teach the only thing that can help us make

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